Course Materials

Registered attendees will receive access to course materials that will provide NPs the opportunity to review and study knowledge areas in preparation for the DCNP certification examination. A NEW DCNP Study Guide will be available to review and study knowledge areas of the exam, allowing the learner to self-identify areas of strength and those needing additional study focus. Content for THE DCNP Review Course 2023 includes the diagnosis, management, prevention, and monitoring of the complex, acute, and chronic skin disorders, which fully aligns with the current test blueprint for the DCNP certification examination. Additional focus will be provided on pharmacotherapeutics.


  • Faculty will present practice question sessions to assess attendees’ on-going acquisition of critical knowledge competencies, including pharmacotherapeutics.
  • Successful completion of passing the DCNP certification exam will be the ultimate measure of learning outcomes for the review course.
  • Attendees will complete an evaluation at the end of the course, which will include overall course objectives and faculty evaluations that will then be summarized.
The Center for Dermatology Nursing Practice