Course Review:

Course Description

THE DCNP Review Course is a critical education program that enables dermatology NPs to prepare to successfully pass the DCNP certification examination. Dermatology has become an expansive specialty based on advancing science, technology, and diversity. Care of patients with complex and chronic disease management requires advancing competencies in immunology, pharmacology, diagnostics, and management for optimal patient outcomes. Dermatology NPs who attain DCNP certification are recognized as the highest level of professional practice in dermatology nursing practice. Many NPs who have already passed the DCNP examination choose to attend DCNP Review Courses for updated and clinically relevant continuing education. Additionally, the course also serves as a learning guide for dermatology nurses completing their NP programs and preparing to practice as a new dermatology nurse practitioner.

THE DCNP Review Course 2022 is a 3-day live webinar. The program design and content for this review course are based on the most current DCNP exam blueprint, as well as feedback from hundreds of NPs who have participated in DCNP review courses. A variety of learning methods will be utilized during the program and have proven to assist NPs in reviewing and retaining dermatology knowledge for integration into clinical practice. The unique program design and curriculum is interactive and engaging. In addition to didactic lectures and case studies, attendees will participate in live, interactive polling for practice exam questions.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and apply fundamental knowledge concepts for successful completion of the DCNP certification examination.
  • Identify knowledge content areas on the DCNP certification blueprint requiring additional study and preparation for the acquisition of essential competencies in dermatology NP practice.
  • Employ the breadth and depth of knowledge to utilize advanced pharmacotherapeutics for safe and effective management of acute and chronic dermatologic conditions.
  • Utilize advanced dermatology knowledge and skills competencies for clinical decision-making process including assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based management for optimal patient outcomes.

Program Highlights

  • Access to pre-course online study modules will be available to assist with advance preparation for the DCNP certification examination.
  • 3-day interactive didactic sessions will focus on essential dermatology knowledge and evidenced-based content for the DCNP certification examination.
  • A test-taking strategies session will be provided and will help NPs prepare and develop confidence for the certification format.
  • Even more practice exam questions will be provided with live polling and discussion.
  • Program content aligns with the DCNP exam blueprint and published Core Competencies for Dermatology Nurse Practitioners (2018).
  • Sessions have been added based on NP feedback to address specific areas of knowledge weakness including: high risk pharmacology, biologic therapies, immunology, pediatrics, genodermatoses, etc.
  • Faculty are not only master clinicians but are recognized as experienced leaders in dermatology NP education.
  • Engaging program activities and polling, promoting collaboration across the dermatology NP profession.
The Center for Dermatology Nursing Practice